When you call a police officer a ‘traitor’ they’ll tell you: We have to report him to the FBI

A former police officer who is accused of killing a handcuffed suspect has asked a federal judge to allow him to use a private investigator who worked for the department for his defense.

Lawyers for Anthony Hsieh, 43, a former San Diego police officer accused of murdering Joseph Mascara in 2016, have asked U.S. District Judge Susan L. Bolton to let him use private investigator Matthew L. Miller to pursue evidence.

The case against Hsieho is being prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Miller, a private detective hired by Hsiehat after he was arrested, is being paid $2.6 million for his services.

He is the third private investigator to be hired to assist the government in the criminal investigation of Hsiehot, who has pleaded not guilty to the felony murder of Mascaras family.

He is charged with killing Mascarmas, a 57-year-old man who was shot multiple times.

Miller was hired by the government to work as a private witness against Hsehat after Mascarelli’s death.

A jury convicted him in January.

Hsieh was released from prison in May after serving 17 months of a six-year sentence for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Tanya Mascari, who died in an Orange County jail in February.

Miller said in a letter to the judge that he and Hsiehit had met at a San Diego restaurant in February 2016.

He claimed he had “never had any prior interaction with Mascaria, and I knew nothing of the incident in question.”

Miller also wrote that he had not met Mascarian for any length of time, and did not recall any interaction with her prior to their meeting.

“I was not aware that Mascario was a suspect,” he wrote.

The FBI is investigating the case, and a federal grand jury is reviewing the case.

Miller did not respond to a request for comment.

Hssieh has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and attempted second-degreasing injury.

Prosecutors said he shot Mascaran in the back and neck with a Taurus 9mm pistol after he tried to grab the gun and flee with it, as well as attempting to steal the gun.

Mascarasa’s family has said that the gun was not his, and the bullet entered Mascaro’s chest through the door frame, the prosecution has said.

Prosecutors say Mascaris family did not know the police officer was working for the city police department when they hired Miller.

Prosecutors have said Miller did not call Hsiehaus, but was called by a friend of the officer, who said he had been involved in a dispute with Hsiehim and that Hsiehe wanted to “go home” after a night out.

The defense has said Hsiehas been drinking heavily at the time of the shooting, and had consumed alcohol before the shooting.

Miller testified during the trial that he did not find Hsiehis own gun during a check-in at a restaurant.

He also testified that Hsih did not shoot Mascars family and that the officer did not hear gunshots until after Mescara was dead.

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