NASA’s first space engine to be powered by liquid fuel could be ready by 2021

NASA’s future space engine is being developed by the US company Electrostatic Power Systems, according to a new report.A company executive said the design could be complete by 2021.Electrical engineers could be working on the engine in 2019, while the engines would be ready to fly in 2021, according the report from The Wall Street […]

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Biologic Engineering Engineer Salary: $56,849

Posted May 08, 2018 11:18:16 It’s a good time to be a biologic engineer.A growing number of firms are paying more than $100,000 annually for the ability to work in biological engineering, a field where scientists can manipulate organisms through the manipulation of cells and tissues.A new industry report says the average salary for a […]

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How to get a better salary: A look at how the world of tech engineers works

The tech industry’s job market is set to get even more competitive, with many companies laying off hundreds of thousands of employees in the wake of a devastating cyberattack in December.However, there are still a few ways you can make extra money in the field, and there’s no shortage of ways to get started.How to […]

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Why is there such a disconnect between bike and airplane maintenance?

Search engine optimization can save you thousands of dollars a year on your electric bike, according to a new study.In a series of experiments, researchers at UC Berkeley found that when an online service called Google Analytics identified areas of the web that were performing poorly, it would direct visitors to the right site to […]

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How to create a custom wallpaper engine for your Windows 10 desktop

In this article:How to create custom wallpaper engines for your PCWindows 10, the operating system you’re reading this article, is one of the most popular operating systems around.But how can you create a wallpaper engine that you can use for your own Windows 10 PC?If you’re not familiar with Windows 10, we’ve put together this […]

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How to Find Your Perfect Sports Car, Bike or Motorcycle Engine: From Crate Engine to Diesel to Supercharged

If you’ve ever considered building your own engine, you may have wondered what you could do to make it better.But the answer is far from easy.Here’s how to do it.1.What is a Crate Engine?Crate engines are the engines of choice in racing, touring and motocross.The cylinder heads and crank rods in these engines use compression […]

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