Why the Kohler engine is the world’s fastest electric car

Posted by The Verge on September 15, 2018 05:26:07The Kohler powertrain has long been heralded as the future of high-speed driving.

And the latest iteration of the company’s kohler engine has been gaining traction on the international stage, with it becoming the fastest electric vehicle ever built.

Now, the company is planning a $1 billion expansion that will see it produce a new, bigger version of the kohlers engine that can run at a whopping 200 miles per hour (380km/h).

As with most things in the tech world, it’s a matter of when and how the Kohlers will reach mass production, but now it looks like the engine could be ready for market.

The company has revealed the first prototype of its new kohlers engine, and it’s as fast as a BMW 3 Series.

The kohlier is the company ‘s engine for the new 3 series, which is being developed at a facility in Japan.

This will enable the engine to achieve a claimed 220 miles per hours (390km/ h), which is faster than the average kohli engine currently on the market.

The new engine, which can achieve a range of about 300 miles (485km) per hour, is capable of generating a total of 5,000 hp (3,700kW) and 600 Nm (6,000lb) of torque.

The new engine will be powered by a new version of Kohler’s ‘powerband’ design, which the company calls a ‘microfactory’.

The microfactory has two main parts, which are both identical to the existing powerband design.

In the microfarm, the powerband has a number of smaller sections.

The larger section, the control area, houses a turbine, and the smaller section, is where the fuel injector, which allows the power to flow to the cylinder heads, is located.

In the first production prototype, the microfabrication is being done by the company, with the engineers using the same kohls gearbox as the existing kohluks gearbox.

This means that the kohller engine can be made with smaller parts, with a smaller engine size.

According to a statement from Kohler, the new engine can also achieve a lower fuel consumption, as it is made of lighter materials, and therefore can operate at lower power levels, which also helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

This new engine could make the Kohlers powertrain a true ‘zero emission’ vehicle, which could help it reach mass market within a few years.

According the company the microfuactory is still being developed, and will only be able to produce a small number of the larger powerbands that will be used in the production of the new kohllers powertrain.

The first production prototypes are expected to be ready in 2019, and production could begin in 2020.

This is great news for the Kohli engine, because it is a key piece of the 3 series that will drive the new car.

While the current engine, the 3.0 litre kohlr, can drive at about 300 to 350 miles per day, the larger kohlls powerband will be able drive up to 350, which would make it the quickest electric car on the planet.

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