Trump’s latest strategy for boosting GOP search engine dominance

Donald Trump on Tuesday launched a new strategy for the Republican Party’s search engine search engine.

In an effort to boost the GOP’s search dominance in the digital advertising market, Trump is expected to propose cutting the number of search results that must be included in search results.

The plan, expected to be unveiled in a speech Wednesday, would also increase the number and size of ad placements on search results and make them more granular, according to several sources with knowledge of the proposal.

Trump’s proposal would reduce the number by half, sources said, from about a billion search results to around 10 billion.

Trump has not publicly indicated what the change would mean in the way Google and Bing are built, but it could mean the companies have to change their search engine algorithms in order to provide more accurate results.

Trump has long touted his campaign as an anti-Google crusade, but the president-elect has been pushing to boost Google’s share of the search market, which has more than doubled in the last year, according a new analysis from Search Engine Land.

The company is now estimated to control 54% of search market share in the United States, up from 25% a year ago.

Trump and Google have made similar arguments before, with Trump saying in September that he would reduce Google’s search marketshare and Google’s stock falling to its lowest point since the dot-com bubble in late 2000.

Trump has also proposed a number of other changes to Google, including an end to the company’s free search services and an end of Google Plus, the social network that Trump has called “a cesspool of hatred.”

According to a new report by Search Engine Capital, Trump’s plan would lead to “a steep reduction in search performance in the near term” for the RNC.

While it is unclear what impact the proposal would have on the RNC’s search, the company has been one of the top-performing search engines in the U.S. for years.

The RNC is not alone in having to make the decision to drop the RNC search service.

Trump is also expected to announce that Google will no longer provide ads for his campaign’s website.

Search Engine Partners, the tech firm that runs Google’s ad networks, will also cut the number on Google ads it delivers for the campaign.

Trump, in a statement to the Wall Street Journal, said Google’s “ad revenue will be substantially reduced in 2020,” citing Google’s announcement that it will no more provide ads to the campaign and will no further provide search data to the Republican National Committee.

According a separate analysis by Search Engines Capital, Google’s market share has doubled in just the past year, from 2% to 15%.

The company’s share has also increased by about 2 percentage points since January.

Google’s advertising revenues have been falling since the early 1990s, and the company said that it has cut its advertising spend in the past several years to keep up with rising competition.

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