How to fix Ford crate engines

Ford is making some big changes to the way its crate engines work.

The new engine will come in two different versions: a standard engine and a custom-built engine, and Ford has also changed the way it calibrates the engine.

The change means that the standard Ford crate engine can run better than the more expensive Ford-designed crate engines.

The changes also mean that Ford won’t have to worry about the issue with the two engines being the same, as there are four versions of each engine.

Ford says the new crate engines are quieter, better fuel economy, and are more efficient.

We have a closer look at the changes and what you can expect from these new engines.

What are the differences?

Ford says its new crate engine is quieter, more fuel efficient, and more efficient than the original crate engine.

That’s important because Ford’s fuel economy is one of its biggest weaknesses.

Ford is looking to make the most of the changes to boost its fuel economy by 20 percent.

Ford said the new engine is designed to have less drag, which is why Ford is using a lighter, lighter version of the crate engine with more air pressure.

The company also wants to boost efficiency by 50 percent, so Ford says it will be using less fuel.

In the new version of Ford’s crate engine, Ford says all four cylinders can run at 60 percent efficiency and the new design will use an air compressor.

Ford also says the engine will have more torque than the previous Ford-made version, and it will also have less weight.

What you can get in your 2017 Ford Mustang?

Ford has been making the most aggressive changes to its crate engine in years, with the new model featuring an aluminum block with steel cylinder heads.

The engine will be lighter than the Ford-built engines and Ford says that it is using more air and fuel efficiency in the new versions.

The only thing Ford isn’t mentioning is the fact that the new Ford-produced engines are slightly heavier than the other Ford-powered models.

What’s next for Ford?

Ford is expected to start shipping the new-and-improved Ford Mustang to dealers in the next few weeks.

The Ford Mustang is a major competitor to the Ford Focus, and the car will be priced around $65,000 for the standard engine.

But if you’re looking for something that’s a little more affordable, the new Mustang will start at $25,000.

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