When the B20 engines retire

The Hill article Engine makers have begun to roll out an engine that can be used to search for a missing airplane.

The B20 engine was first deployed in the 1950s as part of a project to find missing airliners.

But a decade ago, Congress cut funding to that project.

Now, B20s are being deployed as part an engine-search project that is testing the ability to find airliners and passengers who have been lost to air disasters.

Engine search engines are known for their reliability, and this is no exception.

Last month, a B20-powered aircraft, the T-B10, flew to the International Space Station, and it also came back with a message for searchers.

“The B20 was a great engine, but I’ve never been able to find a body of water,” said T-b10 pilot Daniel M. McElroy, who is heading up the search for the missing airplane, T-M20.

Mueller said he hopes the B21, which is also slated to fly to the space station in 2018, can also help searchers find a missing body.

If the B22 engine is deployed as well, it will be used in a similar fashion to the T10 engine.

The T-H10 engine is equipped with a satellite navigation system, called B2B, that allows it to pinpoint a location in a cloud of dust.

But unlike the B2C engine, which uses radio signals to find its way to a missing aircraft, B22 uses satellite signals to pinpoint its location.

The B21 engine also can track a vehicle or person on a path of travel that would lead to a body.

The engine will be deployed in 2018 to search a body that was found on the coast of the Dominican Republic.

After the B19 engine is retired in 2019, it is slated to be decommissioned.

The United States will retain a number of B20 and B21 engines for the next 50 years.

The first of these engines is being built at a former B21 facility in Georgia, called the National Defense Engine Plant, or DNEP.

It is expected that the engines will be in service in 2026.

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