New Prometheus Engine, siding and engineered wood cabin revealed

By Steve LeggettIt looks like the next Prometheus will be pretty much everything we’ve come to expect from the brand.

The car was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in March and is the first of a slew of products from the Japanese company to be unveiled at this year’s event.

It’s no secret that Prometheus has had a pretty rocky history, with numerous delays, leaks and rumors.

The latest delay has seen it only recently unveiled at an event in Tokyo in April.

We spoke to James Miller, CEO of the company and the man responsible for the car’s design, in an interview for our sister publication, Drive.

James was also very forthcoming about the timeline of Prometheus’ launch, and said that the car would go on sale in late 2019 or early 2020.

James was also keen to point out that Prometheus’ next car, the Prometheus II, will have more in common with the Prometheus I than with the other cars on the line.

James has said that Prometheus will still be a two-seater with a hatchback and will not be the first car to come from the company.

James also told us that the new car will be an all-new engine, which is a bit of a surprise considering the company has been developing engines since the 1970s.

James said the Prometheus engine would be the same as the one used in the original Prometheus, the one that powered the company’s Lotus Elise and Acura NSX sports cars.

The first Prometheus, which James called the Prometheus III, went on sale at the beginning of the decade.

It was a luxury sedan, but it had a range of other goodies that were more common in the luxury car market.

James says that the Prometheus IV will be even more luxurious.

James says that while the Prometheus 4 is expected to be a luxury car, it won’t be the most expensive car on the road.

James believes the Prometheus 5 will be the closest to a luxury, but still a car that is affordable.

James is confident that Prometheus can pull it off, because he knows that it has done something that has only been done once before.

James explained that Prometheus went to a partner who was going to build a car and make it as good as it could be.

James and the partner then turned to a Japanese company that did the engine for the Prometheus engines.

This time, Prometheus was going into production.

James told us, “I’m very confident that they’ll be able to make it.”

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