A Computer Engineering Salary Survey

“A computer engineering salary survey is a good way to learn about the type of people you can work with and the salaries you can expect to earn.

I’m happy to help!”—Cecil R. Johnson, CEO of the Center for Computer and Communications Research (CCRC) Source National Review article “The salary survey gives me a sense of how people earn.

But what is really important is the sense of accomplishment.

That is what matters.

How can I make my career more fun?”—Mark A. Cohen, CEO, CCCR Source National Journal article “I like that the CCC is a well-respected research institution, with many of the best computer science graduates in the country.

Its not about getting a degree and having a good job; it’s about being part of a vibrant research community.

That’s what the salary survey provides.”—Steven J. Shull, president and CEO, Intel Source National Magazine article “As a computer scientist, the CCCC has a large number of high-quality applicants and an excellent track record.

We’re happy to see the CSC continue to grow as a computer engineering school, and we’re glad to have an organization that is focused on making the world a better place.”—Robert C. Burdick, director of engineering and technology, Carnegie Mellon University Source National Gazette article “My experience as a teacher and as an educator in the public schools is that teaching is really a collaborative process.

That requires a lot of work to create and communicate a lesson plan and to help students understand what they’re learning.

This survey does a very good job of providing a clear, objective, and transparent way to do that.

It’s also very useful for those who want to become a teacher or teacher-in-training.

I think it’s an important tool for anyone in the computer science field.”—James L. Kallman, Ph.

D., professor of computer science and engineering, Northwestern University Source New Scientist article “It’s really great that they’re offering this survey as a supplement to their education and careers.

The salary survey allows me to see how people are earning, and to see what my career path looks like.”—Matthew R. Miller, Ph,D., president, Data Science Research Institute (DSRI) Source Computerworld article “When it comes to salary, it’s hard to find a better survey out there than the CMC salary survey.

It offers a clear and detailed picture of the salary distribution in computer science, and offers a lot in the way of salary projections for computer science positions.”—Jason S. Zaremba, president, Center for Applied Computer Science (CACS) Source InfoWorld article “This survey makes the job market more competitive and provides an important piece of information on how the salary market is currently going.

This salary survey helps me to make a decision about what I want to pursue, and also allows me the freedom to make the best decisions possible in my own career.”—David B. Laughlin, Ph., Ph.

S., founder and president, Laughlin Consulting, Inc. Source The Atlantic article “In a perfect world, we’d be asking the same questions, and the same data, about every career.

This CSC salary survey has the potential to help you understand your options in computer engineering.

I’d highly recommend it.”—Nathan J. Zaid, PhD., founder, Zaid Software Source The Wall Street Journal article A computer science salary survey, a new way to understand salary in a computer science career, and an updated way to measure and compare pay between disciplines: A survey that takes a snapshot of the salaries of computer scientists in the U.S. and shows how they’re earningSource National JournalArticle “The CSC survey is an excellent tool for determining the salary of a computer engineer, since it is a snapshot in time.

This helps you see how much salary you are earning now, and how you are likely to be earning more salary in the future.”—John B. Hock, Phd., president and chief executive officer, CSC Technologies, Inc.—CEO, CNC Technologies, LLCSource ComputerworldArticle “This is a great survey.

I love the way it provides a clear snapshot of salaries in computer sciences.”—Jeffrey P. Miller , Ph.

A., Phd.

, president, Miller Research Associates, Inc—CEO, Miller Technologies, LtdSource Computer WorldArticle “With this survey, you can see how many years of experience you have with a given discipline and whether you are looking for a career change or simply a change in salary.

This is a very useful tool for job hunters and hiring managers, who may be looking for someone with experience with a specific discipline.

You can also use the data to make comparisons with other computer science professionals in your field.

There is a wealth of information in this survey that you can use to evaluate salary trends and determine the right career path.”—Kiran R.

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